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Important Joint Military Exercises 2019 for all competitive exams IN BENGALI

Important Joint Military Exercises 2018-2019

List of Military exercises of Indian Army

1. Surya Kiran  – India and Nepal.
2. Lamitye  Indian Army and the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces (SPDF).
3. Garuda Shakti- Indo- Indonesia
4. Nomadic Elephant- This exercise is an Indo – Mongolian Joint Military Exercise.
5. Maitree-This is Indo – Thailand Military Exercise.
6. Prabal Dostyk- Joint military exercise between Indian Army and the Kazakhstan Army.
7. Yudh Abhyas-  India and USA.
8. Indra- Indian and Russian Armed Forces.
9. Mitra Shakti- India and Sri Lanka
10. Sampriti- India and Bangladesh
11. Hand in Hand-  India-China.
12. Ekuverin- Indian Army and the Maldives National Defence Force.
13.Khanjar This exercise is an exercise between Indian Special Forces and Kyrgyzstan Army.
14. Al Nagah-Ii-  Indian and Oman Armies.

15.Bold Kurukshetra- Singapore Army and the Indian Army (IA).                                                                                                                                                                 

List of Military exercises of Indian Navy

1. Varuna- Between France and India.
2. Indra-  the Indian and Russian Navy
3. Malabar- USA, Japan & India
4. Simbex- Singapore & India
5. Konkan- Britain & India
6. SLINEX- Sri Lanka & India
7. IBSAMAR- South Africa, Brazil & India
8. Naseem Al Bahr- Between Oman & India
9. Sahyog Kaijin- An exercise conducted between Japan & India.
10. AUSINDEX- A bilateral Navy exercise between Australia & India.  
List of Military exercises of Indian Airforce

1. GARUDA: France and India,
2. AVIA INDRA:  India and Russia.
3.DESERT EAGLE: ‘Desert Eagle’ is the bilateral air combat exercise between India and United Arab Emirates (UAE).
4. INDRADHANUSH: This is a bilateral exercise held between Indian Air Force and Royal Air Force of UK.




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